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Watch these 15 MLB Players under 24

Chris Volstad, FLA (22) - Volstad came up in the middle of the summer for the Marlins last year and produce fairly well for them.  I like to see him take one step forward in first full season this year as a top 3 starter for the Marlins.

2008 stats: 84.1 IP 6-4 W-L 2.88 ERA 52 K's 

Justin Upton, ARI (21) - This will be Upton's second full season in the majors.  He was able to win the starting RF position last spring training after being drafted as a SS.  He is often compared as the next Ken Griffey with a very high ceiling.

2008 stats : .250 BA 15 HR 42 RBI .353 OBP

Clayton Kershaw, LAD (20) - I am very high on this guy, don't be surprised if Kershaw has a great year this year for the Dodgers. This will be Kershaw's first full season in the majors and I really like his potential with playoff appearances under his belt already.  Watch out for this guy's circle change.

2008 stats: 107.7 IP 5-5 W-L 4.26 ERA 100 K's

Jay Bruce, CIN (21) - This guy was a stud the minute he reached the majors last year. In this first full week he posted .577 BA 3 HR 3 Doubles, the 3 homers were in concecutive games too.  I can't wait to see what this guy does in first full season this year.

2008 stats: .254 BA 21 HR 52 RBI .314 OBP

Jair Jurrjens, ATL (23) - This guy was traded to the Braves before last season for Edger Renteria and really stepped up.  With John Smoltz out most of last season Jurrjens really help the Braves to not be a total embarassment.  With a full season under his belt look at him to continue to improve behind Derek Lowe and Javier Vazquez.

2008 stats: 188.3 IP 13-10 W-L 3.68 ERA 139 K's

Yovani Gallardo, MIL (22) - Now that he is finally healthy watch out for Gallardo to tear it up this season.  I mean he's going to have to being labeled as the Brewers ace with Sabathia and Sheets gone.  I can see him rise to the occasion though with his stuff.  He has one game of playoff experience which good end up helping him develop.

2008 stats: 24.0 IP 0-0 W-L 1.88 ERA 20 K's

Felix Hernandez, SEA (22) - Hernandez is probably the most experienced player on this list being only 22 there is still so much potential.  This will be, believe it or not, Hernandez's 4th full season and he's still only 22!  He could throw 94 MPH at the age of 14. 14?! I like to see him really take a step forward this season and finally breakout unless another injury derails him again.

2008 stats: 200.7 IP 9-11 W-L 3.45 ERA 175 K's

John Danks, CHW (23) - After a disappointing call up in 2007 and struggling down the stretch, Danks was able to be a very liable starter for the AL Central Champs last season.  He also played well in his lone playoff start last season.  As long Danks plays like last season consider it a good year.

2008 stats: 195.0 IP 12-9 W-L 3.32 ERA 159 K's

Daniel Murphy, NYM (23) - This will be Murphy's second season for the Mets after just barely having a rookie year last year (min. 130 AB, Murphy had 131).  I really like his potential as the new LF for the Mets.  He is a very good defender with a great arm, but he can also hit well for average and very fast around the bases.

2008 stats: .313 BA 2 HR 17 RBI .397 OBP

Joba Chamberlain, NYY (23) - After starting the season last year in relief watch Joba to really impress the league as a starter for a full season.  He is always a risk for an injury but we'll see how the Yankees use him this year with how potent their offense is.  

2008 stats: 100.3 IP 4-3 W-L 2.60 ERA 118 K's

Chris Davis, TEX (22) - After being called up mid-summer last season watch for his guy's power in the upcoming season.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him among the leaders in homers.  He showed this power in his first two games in the majors and he didn't slow down.  I like 35-40 homers minimum out of Davis this year.

2008 stats: .285 BA 17 HR 55 RBI .331 OBP

Elvis Andrus, TEX (20) - Andrus came to the Rangers as a part of the Teixiera trade.  This guy has a sky of potential.  He is suppose to be so good that the Rangers had to ask All-Star Michael Young to move to 3B.  Only being 20 don't expect an immediate impact this year.

2008 stats: N/A 

David Price, TB (23) - This is the most ancipated rookie for the 2009 season.  After an impressive postseason for the Rays in relief, watch Price as they move him to starter this season.  He possesses a mean fastball which peaks at 97 MPH with a nasty slider and decent change to compliment it.  I can see Price maturing very quickly and making an impact immediately.

2008 stats: 14.0 IP 0-0 W-L 1.93 ERA 12 K's 

Ian Stewart, COL (23) - Stewart is the only non-starter on this list but don't be surpised if he takes over somewhere in the infield for the Rockies by the end of the season.  He would be the starter if not for Helton being at 1B.  Last season he replaced Atkins at third when he moved to first for Helton.  Stewart has good power potential and he immediately showed that by hitting a Grand Slam in one of this first games.  

2008 stats: .259 BA 10 HR 41 RBI .349 OPB

Carlos Gomez, MIN (23) - Gomez was brought to the Twins as a part of the deal that send Santana to the Mets and  he made an immediate impact.  He won the starting job at center last season after Torii Hunter left and batted leadoff very successfully.  His 40 time is clocked at 4.29 and having 33 SB last season don't be surprised if that number jumps up to the high 40's or 50's if he can improve his OBP.

2008 stats: .258 BA 7 HR 59 RBI .296 OBP

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Griffey returns to where he belongs

I love how 39 year old Ken Griffey is returning to where it all began.  As a huge Griffey fan I can't wait to see him in the #24 Seattle Mariners uniform and hitting .304 with 56 home runs and 140 RBI's. (jk) but hopefully he will do better then he did with the White Sox and Reds last year and finish out his career strong.

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MLB Power Rankings Top 10

1. Phillies - They are the defending champs and with the addition of Raul Ibanez, I like the strikeout rate as a team to go down.  The rotation is pretty much unchanged with a 5th starter still up for grabs. 

2. Yankees - I dislike the Yankees as much as the next guy who dislikes the Yankees, but how can you not have them 1 or 2.  With the all the money they spend they are easily the best team "on paper".  But that is on paper, we will have to see how the team chemistry comes into play.

3. Red Sox - The core of this team: Ortiz, Lowell, Pedroia, Beckett, Matsuzaka, Papelbon, has been together for about 3-4 years now so there is no doubt the chemistry is there.  With Jason Bay there for a whole year I like to see how he progresses with the team.  Also their rotation looks solid with addition of Brad Penny and John Smoltz.

4. Rays - This team is solid.  I don't see them getting past the Yankees and the Red Sox again, but I have no doubt they will give them a run for their money.  Now they have a solid DH in Pat the Bat with the core of their youngsters still around.  I like to see how B.J. Upton and Evan Longoria play after their awesome playoffs.

5. Mets - Even after their second collapse in two years I like them to finally make the playoffs as a wildcard.  Their only problem last year was their bullpen and ability to close out games, but with the addition of K-Rod and J.J. Putz there is no doubt that won't be their problem again.  Also they have the chemistry with Delgado, Wright, Beltran, and Reyes together again.

6. Cubs - Every year for Cubs fans is a disappointment unless they win a World Series.  Odds are this year will be the same but they sure will look good doing it again.  With all of their offense coming back, less DeRosa, and the addition of Milton Bradley they sure will put up alot of runs.  They will easily win the Central.

7. Angels - I really like the addition of Bobby Abreu for the Angels.  With him in front of Torii Hunter and Vladimir Guerrero, it will give them a chance to bat alot of runs in.  Also one of the best outfields in the MLB.  I also love their pitching depth - starting and bullpen. They were really able to plug their holes well with the losses of K-Rod and Teixiera.

8. Indians - Everyone is on the Indians this year and I'm going to have to agree.  I have always liked their lineup with Travis Hafner, Victor Martinez, Jhonny Peralta, and Grady Sizemore.  Also Mark DeRosa was one of my favorite breakout players from last year with the Cubs.  Their pitching also looks solid with the reigning AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee and 2007 breakout Carmona who was hurt most of last year and the additions of Kerry Wood and Carl Pavano.

9. Dodgers - Manny will be back.  There is no way in the world he will sign anywhere else.  So I like this team to win the West with most of their lineup coming back.  I also think their pitching rotation is very solid with Chad Billingsley as the ace and Kuroda and Kershaw having a chance to really breakout.

10. Diamondbacks - This team should have easily won the West last year.  I think it will be very close this year between them and the Dodgers.  I like every position player on this team. Watch Mark Reynolds and Chris Young try to bring their strikeout rates down and batting averages up.  Watch out for Max Scherzer.

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